Whitehall Spirit® rowing, sculling, and sailing rowboats provide fun, fitness, health, and enjoyment for both seasoned mariners and novices alike. They always bring smiles of approval from those who really know boats. We produce two boat lines: the Whitehall Spirit® Classics, featuring impeccable hand-built teak woodwork, bronze fittings, and flawless fiberglass hulls; and the Whitehall Spirit® Solo 14™ single and Tango 17™ double, the world’s first thermoformed co-polymer rowing boats. All display the same beautiful lines as the Classics. Whitehall also provides the “All Water Rowing Club” business opportunity package. Our latest product is the Oar Board™ fit-on-top SUP Rower unit that turns a stand up paddleboard into a sculling rowboat.

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All Whitehall Spirit® boats feature the ability to be rowed with traditional on-the-gunnel oars with fixed seats. On the sculling and sailing models, fixed seats are easily removed or re-installed when needed. Sailing a Whitehall Spirit® rejuvenates the senses and tunes the mind. View all classic models…


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The world’s only thermoformed co-polymer single and double sculling boats are built by Whitehall in Victoria, BC. Chris Crowley, author of the NY Times best-seller “Younger Next Year”, says “slide seat rowing is the best exercise in the world.” Being out on the water and breathing fresh clean air is fantastic for stress relief, fitness, and health. View Solo 14™ & Tango 17™ Video, Details, Pricing…


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Convert a stand-up paddleboard to a sculling boat in under 5 minutes with the Oar Board™ fit-on-top SUP rower. Go faster on your board than you ever dreamed possible. Affordable, lightweight, and salt water proof. Excellent for fitness training, cardio, and just plain fun on the water. Video, Details, Pricing…


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Lightweight. Fully buoyant. Can be paddled like an SUP. The optional Oar Board™ turns it into a full-on sculling boat with room aboard for a friend or the dog. Traditional oars with fixed seat also available. View more…


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An ‘all water’ rowing club is a exciting, proven “Turn Key” business opportunity that includes management software, boats, docks, training, and consulting. A fitness club on the water, perfect for individuals, waterfront resorts, hotels, or marinas located on lakes, rivers, or oceans. See more information at “All Water Rowing Clubs“. Visit the Whitehall Spirit® Rowing Club of Victoria website.

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