About Us

Founded in 1987, by Marie Hutchinson and Harold Aune, Whitehall was first to produce all water sculling boats  with slide seat rowing systems, usually found in a racing shell, with the famous Whitehall , renowned for safe efficient rowing in wind and waves.marie hutchinson of whitehall rowing and sail
The hand built Whitehall Spirit® Classics are impeccably built in fiberglass, teak and bronze. These seaworthy designs perform beautifully in all conditions and always bring a smile of approval to those who know boats. Since 1987 over 3000 classic Whitehall Spirit® boats are owned by rowing and sailing enthusiasts around the world. The Whitehall Spirit® Solo 14™and the Tango 17™, produced since 2007, are the world’s first thermoformed copolymer sculling boats. They retain all of the rowing performance of the hand built classics and are lighter and more affordable to help more people enjoy the fun and fitness benefits of slide seat rowing. harold aune of whitehall rowing and sailBoth Marie Hutchinson and Harold Aune have extensive backgrounds. Marie in areas as diverse as midwifery and the healing arts to yacht construction, business management, marketing and manufacturing; Harold in offshore sailing, film making, music, sail boat design and construction, business management, and high tech manufacturing. In 2010 they founded the Whitehall Spirit® Rowing Club of Victoria which introduced “All Water” slide seat rowing to the general public. This has become a business opportunity that is changing the nature of rowing by making it accessible and affordable. Phin’s Water Sports is now in full operation in Marina del Rey, California offering Whitehall Spirit® “All Water” rowing to its members. The latest product designed and produced by Whitehall Rowing & Sail is the Oar Board™ SUP rower, a fit-on-top unit that instantly converts a paddle board into a single scull. “We both feel the world is now shifting toward a new connection with nature, life and real values, which we fondly refer to as the quiet revolution; the products our company offers are beneficial to this process.” Here is a short video about Whitehall Rowing & Sail:

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